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Equipment Loan Application

Equipment: Truck, Trailer

Individual: Complete Form A only

LLC/Corporation: Complete Form B only

Form A

Truck / Trailer Loan

Step 1:  complete this form

Cell Phone
Years in business/Driving:
Year / Model / Mileage / Truck or Trailer
Equipment price & down payment:
seller's name & ph:
Invoice price / web link:
Equipment Description:
Additional Information:
New or used:
Individual, LLC or corporation:
Own any truck/trailer:
Seller: Dealer/friend/employer:
Own any real estate:
First time truck/trailer buyer:

Step 2:  Text/email your driver license

Step 3: We will arrange three way call with lender same day.

Step 4: If lender will say yes, then you ll be asked to complete full online application. 

Step 5: Underwriter approval + Funding 

Form B

Truck / Trailer Loan

Complete this form if you have LLC

Company Name & Address
Contact person & Telephone
Years in business
Annual Sales $
E-mail, Fax & Web site
Personal Info: Name, Address
Title, Phone, Cell
Own %
Commercial Loans-bank/lender
Account #, Balance, Ph
Amount paid, contact person
Personal reference: address
Name, Ph, Relationship
Garage/Parking Address
No of Trucks
No of Trailers
Contact, Ph, Email
Lender info: Ph, Address, Email
Equipment description
Equipment cost, down payment
Lease term, months left